Seeker Air (White)


The Seeker is an 11″ tall vinyl art collectible designed by Jeff Soto. Seekers are mysterious hairy beings that harness the energy of the elements. There are 8 variants of the Seeker- Aether (Black), Fire (Red), Water (Blue), Earth (Green), Air (White), Groove (Pink), Ghost (Clear), and Toxic (Glow). We have very limited quantities of each!

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    Samuel is right, that is why the job of a Recruiter is a profession. The Candidate has an ovoibus agenda: landing the job and will likely exaggerate, highlight or flat out fake some aspects of the resume to reach that goal. The Recruiter should have the Investigator hat at that point of the interview, to separate facts from fiction. The matchmaking starts only when you know exactly’what’ you are working with on the Candidate’s side. A Recruiter ought to handle that part of the interview with a healthy dose of suspicion’, before moving on don the Educator hat (teach about the Company), Forecaster (explain the chances of growth and careerphating) and finally the Salesperson (to seduce the good Candidate to accept the job). Hey, this can be the subject of another interesting article here! (BTW, your articles are very interesting and useful).

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