Phish Canandaigua New York Poster


Five color screen print on 18″ x 24″ Cream Speckletone paper.  Signed and numbered edition of 40.

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    J.R., I don’t know what Wasserman Schultz’s position bienhd closed doors was on getting involved in the Wisconsin recall and doubt you do either. If blame is to be assigned speculatively, David Axelrod and David Plouffe are much more likely to be deserving.Jack, disappointing and a setback, agreed. Devastating for Wisconsin union people, agreed. Elsewhere, maybe; it’s too soon to tell. Things looked bleak for the Brits after Dunkirk and for us yanks after Bataan, but neither setback was decisive.L.P., I get the sense that heretofore Barrett wasn’t the kind of Democrat who could make liberals and organized labor people’s hearts beat faster. A nice, honest, decent middle roader whom Republicans don’t find all that uncomfortable as their mayor. The poor guy only had a couple of months and limited budget to work with. Walker had a 14-month head start and seven-to-1 funding advantage, plus a small army of well-known Republicans stumping the state for him. Barrett probably would have lost by a bigger margin if he hadn’t already run for governor in 2010.Demeur, that is a bright note. But (playing devil’s advocate again) it’s dimmed somewhat by the fact Democratic challengers won only one state senate seat last night.

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    We know why he was arrested it skepas volumes. If anyone has seen his movie Gasland , that will answer why they don’t want him filming. The hydraulic fracking they want to begin doing here closer to the NY Watershed is going to ruin clean water forever here. Anyone who is on the fence needs to see that movie. It was a documentary based film and showed true events of what fracking has done to cities already .

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    Wow.. I had no idea what fracking was eiehtr. so much for being enviromentally aware And really.. I thought I was! Hmm.. it is not just in this case that biz taking over logic.. in Ontario they are going to build a Mega Quarry an hour outside of the biggest cities in Canada (Toronto). There has been protests, and letters, public radio interviews and more. Don’t know how it will end up.But the bottom line is we need to get our officials’ to start looking at the benefits to the overall long term sustainability of our communities, and not to the short term profits. I wonder how it will all play out. maybe you can have a public group suing thing for the government. where the people sue the gov’t for stupid actions they take. ( I forget what you call it.)

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