Eddie Vedder Phoenix Glow

Eddie Vedder Phoenix 2012 Poster


This is an 18″ x 24″ six color screen print (which glows in the dark) for the Eddie Vedder 2012 Phoenix show.  Edition of 200 but less will be available for purchase.

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    I temporarily thuoght I might have been onto something.Interestingly if you use the query option instead of the URL option, you can get some interesting results. AskTom’s page includes the words ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Rouge’ which results in an 88% female prediction. But add any third word to the and the ratio changes pretty quickly toward male. Didn’t feel like wasting too much time trying to figure it out though. I do remember stumbling upon an Oracle themed blog that included ads. One blog had an article about backup and recovery and another discussed attending some conference party. Sure enough all the ads were related to Drug and Alcohic recovery programs.

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    I am very interested to read this, but I am wrdenoing if I’m part of the target audience.Well – let me say this, I firmly believe the developers need to understand HOW oracle works in order to USE it efficiently. This is not a book about managing Oracle, this is a book that shows how Oracle works and how to find out how to do things “right”.If you are interested – suggest you goto asktom.oracle.com click on some of the “we are talking about it here” links under the image of the new book — you’ll get a really good feel for what it covers.And – it includes the entire 8i expert one on one Oracle book on pdf so — the stuff that doesn’t apply to 8i (new 9i/10g features) you can “ignore” for now – and you have the entire 8i book as well.Danstrongly recommend something else to read on a trip like that 😉

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    Experience rarely comes from other peolpe’s mistakes. If we want the oracle community to grow and to grow smarter, we first have to get them out of the “I Suck phase” of Oracle development (“I Suck phase” borrowed from Kathy Sierra’s Create Passionate Users blog). I think its rare that anybody for any skill has ever learned much from reading. Sure, we can learn many “facts” that way, but we rarely get the “experience” that is crucial to the high end of the skill spectrum.For example: I’ve practiced martial arts for over 13 years and taught for 6 years. When someone new comes in, I could give them tons of pointers with explanations about every aspect of their movement doing any move. Guess what happens if I do that? Except for a glazed stare, nothing. What do I do? I tell them to lift their knee and kick with their shin. If they do that in front of me with a modicum of control (i.e. they’re not falling down), they get to kick a pad a few times to try it out. Guess who teaches most? Not me, its the pad. They’ll only listen to any advice I give if they feel they’ve “got” the new tools under their belt.How does this translate to Oracle, forums, Q&A, asktom, etc? The web information is the “master”, Oracle is the “pad”, and the web surfer is the “student”. If the student wants to learn, they’re going to seek out the information. Once they have enough information, they’ll go and kick the pad with the new information to see how it works. Yep, all that great advice you gave them won’t really sink in until they try it out in Oracle and experience some of the same successes and failures.As long as Edie moderates the Q&A to ensure that completely bad/wrong answers don’t show up (e.g. “To rename a column, log in as sys and change this sys table …”), his contribution will be a good tool for learning Oracle.

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